About Me

Sangay Khandu is a former Member of Parliament of Bhutan. He was elected to the National Council twice from Gasa dzongkhag and served for a decade. He is an advocate of Right to Information and Legal Aid service.

He was elected for the second term in 2013 in the 2nd national elections. During his 2nd term he also contested for the position of the chairman. He chaired special committee that reviewed hydropower development in the country. He was also member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the Economic Affairs Committee and Indo-Bhutan Friendship group.

He was first elected to the National Council from Gasa dzongkhag in 2008 to the 1st Parliament under the new political system of Democratic Constitutional Monarchy. He served as Chairperson [2010-2011] and Deputy Chairperson [2009-2010] of the Good Governance Committee. He was also Member of the Legislative Committee [2008-2009] in the National Council. As Member of Parliamentary Committees, he was responsible for creation of Parliamentary Committees in the Council; drafting of the Local Government amendment bill 2009; responsible for getting the Civil Service bill 2009 and Amendment to Anti Corruption bill 2009 successfully through Parliament. He has also led a delegation to Bangladesh for IG talks on the SAARC Charter for Democracy and also spoke at the 1st International Conference on Right to Information held in India in 2012.

He started his career as Assistant Foreign Exchange Officer, Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan  in 2001 and moved on to become Manager-Performance Management System & Performance Based Incentive System, Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd (BPC) where he designed an information system altering the way the corporation monitored and managed human resource. He was also the National Project Coordinator, International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO), Geneva, Switzerland before running for public office from Gasa dzongkhag.

He has done his Masters in Business Administration from Thailand and has an undergraduate degree in commerce from Sherubtse college in Bhutan where he also served as the President for the student executive body called Forum for International and National Awareness (FINA).

He resides in Thimphu.


11 Responses to About Me

  1. lakey says:

    Dashoji, I didn’t know you had a website. Good going. Will drop by regularly.

    Best wishes..

  2. Tashi Phuntsho says:


    It is praiseworthy that you acknowledged Mr. Som Gurung’s presence who was your teacher at Drugryal High School prior to your response to the worry about declining respect for the teachers. It really made good context and was inspiring.

    Best Wishes!

    • Tashi Phuntsho says:

      Sorry, I forgot to mention that this happened at Paro College of Education on Saturday 2nd October, 2010, during the talk on “Democracy, Parliament, Legislative Process & Role of National Council in Democratic system of Government” by the Hon’ble Members of the National Council.

  3. Thank you Tashi. I just wanted to say to all the young teachers that even though each profession may claim importance over others, it is teaching that sets the foundations. And even though teachers may feel that where their students take up different professions; some perceived more important than others while they still remain teachers after decades, respect for them only grows because success of a teacher I know, remains in the success of their students as good humans. And so like many others, it was a moment of joy for me to address the gathering with Mr.Som Guring sitting in the front, perhaps feeling proud of his achievement of having contributed so much like so many of you.

  4. Pasang Dorji says:

    Dasho…u r such a gr8 leader…..I appreciate ur everything espically the way u talk in national assembly…do keep up ur gud jobs..best of luck ,….no words 2 describe la….have gud days ahead …..

  5. Pema tenzin says:

    Dasho, i wud sugest u to b in national assembly

  6. yeshey says:

    dasho be alys in national assembly,, wish you the best

  7. Young and humble parliamentarian yet very insightful and responsible leader… Best wishes.

  8. Brian McDonough says:

    Hello Sangay,

    Would you know (1) the walking time to Laya from the current end of the construction of the road from Gasa to Laya; (2) the walking time to Eusana from the current end of the road; and (3) the driving time from Gaza to the current end of the road?

    Your consideration is appreciated.

    Congratulations on the recent bridge repairs after the flood.

    Bennington, New Hampshire

  9. ariesadhar says:

    I think this is a model for parliament member to have a blog. Best wishes for you!

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