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Was the recent decision of the Government that increased taxes on vehicles legally correct?

With the implementation of Goods & Service Tax (GST) in India, imports of goods have generally become cheaper in Bhutan. Consumption is expected to grow which could cause considerable strain on our rupee reserve, especially when considering import of vehicles. … Continue reading

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Naming of the Gyalsay – a profound moment.

  As His Majesty the King pronounced the Gyalsay’s name to the country for the first time today, standing still, amongst the thousands gathered in the courtyard of Pungthangdewachenpaiphodrang, riveted to every syllable and absorbing every frame of our beloved … Continue reading

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Government decides to merge BOIC with BDBL

I do not know how we should feel about it. Should we feel happy that correction has been made to violation of law or if we should feel disappointed that the Government has violated law as could be inferred from decision? … Continue reading

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Term of the National Council of the 2nd Parliament begins

The National Council MP elects entered the NC Hall for the first time in the morning yesterday as they came together following a Kasho from His Majesty the King to hold the first sitting of the House as per law. … Continue reading

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My thoughts on the Education City project

The National Council very recently discussed the Bhutan Education City Bill which has aroused a lot of interest in many foras and rightly so, because it is an important change that is happening, a little diversification in our investment portfolio for … Continue reading

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Bhutan and GNH : from the sidelines to the centre

I believe when faced with a problem or a challenge, one can truly understand one’s capability. Our most recent problem, the rupee crisis, as has come to be known, is one such challenge and I hope, collectively we can prevail and … Continue reading

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With my little dragon girl and I am wondering…

Have you visited the neonate ward at the JDWNR hospital? If you have then you will probably understand what I am about to describe. The unmistakable sound of fans at work, beep sounds from machines like the turbines of a … Continue reading

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