ཤེས་རབ་རྩེ་གཞི་བཙུགས་ལོ་གྲངས ༥༠ འགྱོ་ཡོདཔ – Sherubtse turns 50

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I join thousands of sherubtseans on this special day today to remember in reverence and gratitude His Majesty the Third Drukgyalpo. Sherubtse, the peak of learning emanated from a royal vision to mould the next generation of Bhutanese. Thousands upon thousands from across the country were given opportunity for higher studies here and like most of us, children from average Bhutanese families continue to go there to learn. It continues to symbolize hope and opportunity. True appreciation for the decision to establish Sherubtse remains unfathomable, yet in every single of us who have studied there, as we understand the world a little more with passage of time, our gratitude for the opportunity deepens ever more.

As we celebrate the golden jubilee of the establishment of our alma mater, I take this opportunity to remember and thank our good fortunes of having enlightened and endearing Kings who serve more than rule, both in the past and present. It is also the perfect time to thank all others who have contributed in the making of the most celebrated institution of learning. I would be remiss if I did not extend appreciation to all the teachers, past and present, the heart and soul of any place of learning.

Beneficiaries continue to grow. When I graduated from Sherubtse in 2001 and attended orientation, we were only a few a hundreds. I was asked to facilitate interaction of the graduates with the Government 2 years ago during the national orientation, the RIM hall was full with a few thousands in attendance; Sherubtse’s contribution has increased significantly too. Reflecting back, it makes me wonder just how many of us have studied there till date. A number would help us try and fathom atleast a numeric extend of the opportunity.

Tashidelek and may Sherubtse continue to reach newer heights of learning as envisioned by our beloved Father of Modern Bhutan.


About Sangay Khandu

Elected to Parliament of Bhutan twice | Works - Central Bank, HR, MIS, International Trade | Interests - Policy (Process), RTI, Legal Aid and other Common Goods.
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