Neten Dreop Dorji visits Gasa tsachu

Lam Dorji

Bringing my uncle Bagu to meet another uncle, Neten Dreop Dorji, who is here at the tsachu. He joined the Pungthang Dratsang at the age of 8, became Gasa Kangjub at 22 and served 11 years, served as Kudru at punakha where he also was in the Budrep alongside the late Je Khenpo Geden Rinchen. He was the 1st Trashigang Lam Neten, for 12 years. He also served as the 1st Dratsang Dakchong. I remember visiting him when he was Machey Zimpoen in Punakha as a student at lekeythang. He was sent to Trongsa as Lam Neten for 5 years after which he retired. Under a Royal Command and under instructions of the the current Je Khenpo, he returned once again and started the semtokha lobdra where he served for 3 years. Afterwards he became Uzin for dechenphodrang and later dechenphug, before finally retiring in 2004 at the age of 74. He is 86 years old today and lives in Thimphu with his nephew and lovely family, spending his time praying.

A tall and strong character from Gasa, of simplicity, integrity and service; nothing but inspiration!


About Sangay Khandu

Elected to Parliament of Bhutan twice. Previously worked with the Central Bank, the largest SoE (power utility) and international organization.
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