May soon have more private colleges

A short update on a follow-up question on the my last question from the 7th session of Parliament on the need to set up more private colleges.

The Honorable Education Minister responded to my question with a date this time around, July 12, 2012 earlier today during Question Hour in the National Council. A committee, which will approve the establishment of private colleges in Bhutan under the Ministry may finally be ready to allow other private colleges to be set up in Bhutan in addition to RTC. The three proposals that have been shuttling between the Ministry and the promoters have also re-submitted their expressions of interest with proposals. We may finally see a decision by the committee, this is wonderful news.

I had submitted the same question during the 7th session but did not find a satisfying response and therefore, had called the attention of the Government to institute a transparent and fair protocol for allowing establishment of private colleges, a necessity and important to expedite the process. Today’s response with this date is positive development which will allow many young Bhutanese men and women to study in Bhutan without having to travel out of the country which becomes expensive and also a cumbersome and worrying journey for the family members as well. This will also allow for some quality regulation which has become a concern of late. The Bhutanese private sector can also take part in this important aspect of our development and contribute by providing options which today remains very limited to studying in the country other than public institutions and RTC. I hope when the date comes, more private colleges will be approved and can begin setting up institutions with support from the Government that is being discussed to be accorded to the Education City Project, it only makes sense that our own gets it if not more.


About Sangay Khandu

Elected to Parliament of Bhutan twice. Previously worked with the Central Bank, the largest SoE (power utility) and international organization.
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3 Responses to May soon have more private colleges

  1. pr says:

    You have the makings of a great leader – the courage to bring up unpopular issues and defend them single-handedly and with dignity and grace.

    You will be a great son of bhutan.

  2. pr says:

    The previous post was meant for the article on mining. I do not agree with your views but I like your courage and grace.

  3. poko says:

    You will have to do more research both internationally and nationally before jumping into conclusions dasho. Cost benefit analysis with indepth research may be necessary than a mere one day discussion and delibetation.

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