NC DID caution ECB’s compliance for LG Elections

ECB’s press release on LG Elections


The 1st Local Government Elections since the National Elections has been in the spotlight for many reasons. A more elaborate appearance in main stream media as well as other media continues to be ‘the waiver’ (unilaterally by the Election Commission of Bhutan) against existing provisions of requiring it as a prerequisite for aspiring contestants. This in many ways was seen by many as breaching provisions of the law.

The National Council as part of Parliament as well as a House of Review approached and communicated ‘reservations’ against the decision by the Election Commission several times as being ultra vires. This was before the execution of the first part of the LG Elections, specifically the Thromde elections. Thereafter, the provisions of the Constitution which lays down the National Council’s role of informing institutions were invoked.

This was never acknowledged by the Election Commission of Bhutan in it’s first comprehensive media communication (press release May 10, 2011 – as exhibited above).  Instead states that Parliament never raised any issues; this is untrue.

However, during a recent meeting with the Election Commission with one of the National Council’s Committees, the National Council’s communication(s) and stand(s) were acknowledged as can be seen in the exhibit below. A copy of the document will be deposited with the Secretariat of the National Council.

Since then the issue that the National Council raised in the first place about ‘waiving’ the one year civil registry for contestants has been considered and the rest of the LG elections is expected to adhere to laws. Therefore, bringing this fact of an important development in our country remains important for transparency. It is vital that not only our present generation understand that institutions have been playing their parts but our future generations know this as well.

ECB acknowledges NC’s role with LG Election

About Sangay Khandu

Elected to Parliament of Bhutan twice. Previously worked with the Central Bank, the largest SoE (power utility) and international organization.
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