Turning your websites a little dzongkhaish

I was recently at a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Information and Communications. A common concern that was shared during the meeting was dzongkha and media; promotion and sustainability. Although it’s easier said then done, through interaction I learnt that the Department of Information and Technology’s dzongkha linux product (developed in-house) has not faired very well. The OS (open source based) has not been to popular. Owing lack of time, I could not really ascertain if this was because the OS is meant for developers; this could probably explain the newness of this to many like myself. However, a comment I made in the meeting was about the website we have representing government and others alike in the cyber space. We talk about CICs (Community Information Centres) but just how engaging can these CICs be if the only available content are those services limited to essential transactions (clearances, etc.,). There needs to be more content for our dzongkha literate populace to chew on and also possibly platforms to interact, not merely at levels of submission of forms. To this end, most agencies having websites, it would definitely do good to have a dzongkha version (an immediate example to my mind comes one that of the Bhutan Broadcasting Service).

A content management system called Drukpal CMS is available at the research unit under the Department of Information under the Ministry of Information and Communications. Adding this feature to your websites would make it more user friendly for our dzongkha literate people and definitely, would complement the efforts in introducing ICT at the rural communities where there is often a good number of dzongkha literate persons than english or other languages.

Meanwhile after having submitted this at my own workplace, I am looking forward to making our website a little more user friendly with consideration for the reasons I have cited above. This may not seem much but to those who can then come to a CIC and read these sites, it would mean a more informed community.


About Sangay Khandu

Elected to Parliament of Bhutan twice. Previously worked with the Central Bank, the largest SoE (power utility) and international organization.
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